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Blogging, Social Media and Dentistry?

December 15, 2008

Filed under: Projects — Trevor Holewinski @ 8:28 pm

The dental community is now blogging. Yes…you heard me correctly!

One of our new clients, Artistic Dentistry is utilizing WordPress and spreading the good word on cosmetic dental procedures through numerous articles and blog postings. These types of businesses are seeing the positive effects of niche blogging, social media applications like twitter, and building links throughout the web. The effects are converting into patients; from routine cleanings to dental implants.

The owner of Artistic Dentistry is Dr. Peter J. Pagano, who is the author of the upcoming book Ageless Smile: What You Need to Know About Midlife Dentistry. He describes some common signs of aging that can be reversed with “Midlife Dentistry.” This is not a recognized specialty of the ADA, but a set of symptoms and dental procedures that Dr. Pagano has found common to men and women at midlife.

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