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Investigating the Niche Blogging Scene

December 2, 2008

Filed under: Projects — Trevor Holewinski @ 12:52 pm

The Holewinski Group is proud to be working with Carebuzz, an internet marketing firm for the senior home care industry. Started by Carol Marak, this is a perfect example of niche blogging and filling a void in a market. When questions arise about senior home issues, there is little in the form of current information and resources. Carebuzz is providing a service that many people will utilize by creating discussion, relationships, and providing information for adult children and seniors in search of quality home care services.


An infinite amount of resources can be obtained from their numerous city blogs which are updated on a daily basis. Take for example, Home Care Phoenix, which has posted a checklist for family caregivers. This allows the reader to work with their parents or other seniors in making the holidays less stressful. Another blog, Home Care Dallas posted a tips article on creating a safe, accident-free environment for seniors. Great information in a blog format!

As Carebuzz continues to grow in the number of city specific blogs, the amount of useful information will continue to be archived. If you ever have any questions or in the need of specific information, Carebuzz can help you out.

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